Needing high-quality product photography for an ad campaign, Hawke Media partnered with Snapwire to deliver quality visual content pieces for Weider.

ear pods strengthening bands water bottle and Weider Prime


Since 1936, Weider has been one of the most recognized brands in the active nutrition industry. Working with Hawke Media, the brand has developed a strong following on Instagram, with a target audience of millenials. But when Hawke Media decided to run an ad campaign targeting an over-60 demographic, they realized they lacked visual content that would resonate with their audience.


Snapwire worked with Hawke Media to create a style guide for the visual concepts they required. Then, we recruited three U.S.-based photographers to execute the desired images, including product shots, in-home shots, and age-appropriate models using the Weider supplements as part of their active lifestyle.


100 +
Content Pieces Produced
Days Completion Time

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